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2024 Teacher Leader Symposium: Q&A with Office of Professional Learning and Leadership

June 24, 2024
Superintendent House speaking at 2024 Teacher Leader Symposium

Hundreds of PGCPS teacher leaders came together on Saturday, June 8 for the Office of Professional Learning and Leadership (OPLL) 2024 Teacher Leader Symposium — a half-day training highlighting Pillar 2 of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. The event was an opportunity for attendees to engage in collaborative sessions, immerse themselves in the evolving role of teacher leaders and share valuable insights with colleagues.

“Teacher leadership goes beyond guiding students; it’s about inspiring colleagues, advocating for meaningful change, and pushing the boundaries of educational excellence,” said Superintendent Millard House II. “You are the pillars supporting our educational system and the catalysts for innovation and progress.

Dr. Nicole Wall, Supervisor of Professional Learning shares insight on the event and how it supports the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

  1. What inspired you to organize this event specifically for teacher leaders?

    PGCPS organized this event for teacher leaders through a 4-year partnership with the University of Maryland and MSDE-funded Teacher Collaborative Grant Program. The program focuses on redesigning and implementing a practicum for teacher candidates and a professional development program for practicing teachers. The core aim is to develop a Teacher Career Ladder model, detailing professional responsibilities and advancement requirements, and providing professional learning for career advancement.

  2. How did you create an engaging and interactive experience for the participants?

    The OPLL  planning team looked at the demands of Pillar 2 and the Teacher Career Ladder and brought in individuals from inside and outside of the school district to create highly engaging workshops that inspired an atmosphere for learning, networking, and celebrating teacher leadership.

  3. Can you share some details about the keynote speakers and workshop facilitators?

    Superintendent Millard House II shared  inspiring words and acknowledged the incredible dedication and hard work that they bring to the role of teacher leaders

    Dr. Kristi Matthews, OPLL Director, shared how teacher leadership goes beyond the classroom, it contributes to curriculum development, creation and implementation of professional development for new and seasoned teachers and the support systems that they provide to the students and families that we serve.

    Dr. Kristi Murphy Baldwin, Chief of Human Resources, encouraged the participants to share their insights, to listen with open hearts, and to leave the symposium with new ideas and renewed passion for their mission.

    Justin Robinson, Board Member of the AIB for Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, was the guest speaker and shared a timeline of the implementation of the Blueprint, commission report findings, and explained in greater detail the components of  Pillar Two. Robinson charged the group to stay abreast of changes and to have an open mind to the opportunities that exist within the implementation.

  4. Are there any specific themes or topics from which participants benefited most?

    Based on feedback, participants indicated that the symposium was impactful through:
    • Providing more understanding of how to support colleagues with FfT and understanding the Framework
    • Understanding the requirements and time commitments in obtaining National Board Certification
    • Wellness information session provided some eye opening information about various health issues
    • Exploring adaptive leadership to enhance the teacher leader practice
    • Leveraging strengths to increase workplace performance and how to better use their talents when working with their colleagues

  5. What advice would you give to those who could not attend and are interested in learning more or expanding their capacity to become a teacher leader?

    While some may not have been with us physically, their spirit and enthusiasm for education and leadership continue to inspire us. Some ways to feel connected and engaged with the insights and developments from the symposium, they can check out: 




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